Currently interning in an immigration law firm for these past 2 weeks; has been a pretty interesting experience.  Although the workload has been slightly less than I have experienced in the past, it has given me the opportunity to spend time reading up on cases and to listen to the other lawyers advising clients over the phone as there is an advice line phone operating in the office.  

Last week I was asked to phone various DNA testing services to enquire about a paternity test that needs to be done for a father and 2 sons for immigration purposes.  The situation was that mother is in Pakistan unlike the father and sons who are in the UK, however she had signed a consent form to allow the paternity test to go ahead.  However, when I was later asked to phone one of the companies to find out if the consent forms were approved, the guy told me that the affidavit needed to be apostilled by the Pakistan High Commission for it to be valid.  Not having any clue whatsoever as to what those terms meant, he may as well have been speaking in a different language to me, but Google enlightened me considerably.  Basically from my understanding an affidavit is a statement sworn under oath.  However, this does not mean it is automatically accepted as a legal document in another society, and therefore may need to be apostilled which certifies the legalisation of the document for international use under the terms of the 1961 Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.  This is now the general requirement for most affidavits when used for cross border issues.  I’m sure this will all be very familiar to a lot of people, particular those with a knowledge of the law, but just some new terminology for me 🙂

Last Friday I was asked to deliver some bundles of documents to some barristers’ chambers.  After the inital shock of the heavy load I had to carry on to the tube with me, it quickly became a very fun experience.  Got off at Chancery Lane, first stop = Lincoln’s Inn.  It was such a beautiful place… such a kodak moment.  If only I had my camera!  Next place was Hare Court down the road.  Seeing these beautiful places made me want to be a barrister even more!!  It was just such a beautiful, fascinating place.  The next place I hope to visit next is the Royal Courts of Justice which I haven’t had the chance to see yet!


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